Olympus® and Creaform® Simplify Pipeline Corrosion Monitoring with Pipecheck® Analyze Software

WALTHAM, Mass. July 10, 2018—Olympus now distributes Pipecheck® Analyze software from Creaform, a solution that provides advanced tools for corrosion monitoring, including code-compliant burst pressure calculations.

Pipecheck Analyze software supports phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) data files for corrosion analysis. When paired with an OmniScan® flaw detector, Pipecheck provides true wall thickness analysis based on a combination of integrity assessment calculations.

  • Comprehensive data: Provides data on wall thickness, strength, the river bottom path, the maximum allowable operating pressure, burst pressure, the worst-case profile and remaining life calculations
  • Automatic calculations: The length, width and maximum depth for each indication found are automatically calculated; the user does not need to size them manually
  • 3D visualizations: The software offers 3D visualizations of the pipe and indications, as well as 2D color mapping with river bottom path overlay
  • Facilitates faster reporting: Scans can be stitched together to see potential corrosion locations over a larger area
  • Thorough mapping: UT technology paired with a Creaform laser scanner enables users to map both the inside and outside surfaces of a pipe

For pipeline safety inspectors, Pipecheck Analyze enables users to take their phased array data and combine it with the software’s advanced algorithms and strength calculations to create an accurate, realistic damage evaluation of a pipeline’s integrity.

About Olympus

Olympus is a global technology leader, crafting innovative optical and digital solutions in medical technologies; life sciences; industrial solutions; and cameras and audio products. Throughout our nearly 100-year history, Olympus has focused on being true to society and making people’s lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling.

Our Industrial Solutions Business is committed to the safety and betterment of society through the pioneering, development and manufacture of world-leading test and measurement solutions. These solutions are used in industrial and research applications ranging from aerospace, power generation, petrochemical, civil infrastructure, automotive and consumer products. For more information, visit www.olympus-ims.com

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About Creaform

Creaform develops, manufactures, and sells 3D portable measurement technologies and specializes in engineering services. The company offers innovative solutions, such as 3D scanning, reverse engineering, quality control, non-destructive testing, product development, and numerical simulation (FEA/CFD). Its products and services cater to a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, consumer products, heavy industries, healthcare, manufacturing, oil and gas, power generation, and research and education.

With headquarters and manufacturing operations in Lévis, Québec, Creaform operates innovation centers in Lévis and Grenoble, France, and has direct sales operations in the United States, France, Germany, Brazil, China, Japan, India, Korea and Singapore. Creaform is a unit of AMETEK Ultra Precision Technologies, a division of AMETEK Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices, with annual sales of $4.3 billion.

For more information, visit creaform3d.com

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