SimX Course – Introduction to Ultrasonic Weld Inspection. (UT) 

5 Days Remote Training on Zoom

This course is an overview of ultrasonic weld inspection using virtual flaw detectors, virtual welds, virtual defects and visible ultrasound.

Suitable for complete beginners to NDT prior to sitting PCN certifications. Successful completion enables students to advance to the virtual Offshore Wind Inspector (UTman) course.


Introduction to Ultrasonic Testing

  • Basic Principles of Acoustics
  • Test Equipment
  • Transducer Operation & Theory
  • Basic Ultrasonic Testing Methods Practicals for NDT Level I (UT)
  • Understanding Written Instructions
  • Familiarisation of NDT Equipment
  • Calibration of NDT Equipment
  • Test & Analyse Flawed Specimens


Course duration: 5 days. Instructor led on Zoom, using UTman Simulations.

CPD Accredited by PCN Level 3 Trainer


SimX Course 2 Windfarm UT Inspection, (DNV 0051 Structural steel) CPD Accredited by a PCN Level 3 Trainer

5 Days Remote Training on Zoom 

The 5 day virtual program referencing DNV 0051 rules for UT inspection of Wind Turbine steel structures. 

Overview of UT with virtual flaw detectors, virtual welds and visible ultrasound.

  • Calibration of a flaw detector using analogue and digital machines.
  • Understanding Butt welds and TKY joints.
  • Accept/reject criteria.
  • Simulation of anisotropic and isotropic TPMS steel procedures using 2 calibration blocks
  • Virtual trade tests.

The course is instructor lead. Duration 5 days using Zoom with interactive exercises on the UTman Windows Simulator.

A certificate of  competence will be issued to all delegates that successfully pass the UTman Virtual Trade Test (CPD Accredited)


Ultrasonic Testing – Level 2 (only Welds) PCN Manual UT Certification

Attendance in Sheffield required following courses 1 and 2.

  • Basic Concepts
  • Ultrasounds
  • Principals of Ultrasonic Testing
  • Flaw Detector
  • Plotting Systems

Magnetic Particle Testing – Level 2 Online Learning (PCN MPI Certification)

Can be done online


You will have the opportunity to use the various techniques on welds, castings and wrought products whilst gaining detailed theoretical and practical knowledge on all the commonly encountered magnetic particle testing techniques. This course is suitable for beginners and personnel with existing NDT knowledge, this course is PCN recognized and provides excellent preparation for Level 1 and 2 examinations. It meets the training hour requirements as specified by the relevant PCN documentation.

With our Online Learning you will be able to learn the theory element of your Magnetic Particle Testing Course online, through both audio and visual learning techniques. Our step by step interactive learning tools, demonstrative videos and practice tests cover all the material required by BINDT to pass your exam.

Once the theory course is completed, you will visit the Sheffield Training Centre for practical training and your exam